Consulting is a delicate, refined art. Most consultants feel an urgency to get down to business and rush to fix things. Instead, by nature and training, I stop, listen and focus on your Human Variable Factor (HVF). My first priority is to understand who and where you are, and your organizational realities.


Is your Leadership Paradigm Effective? Appropriate? Current?
Is it time to update your Organizational Operating System?
Could you benefit from a Mindset Reset?
Maybe learn how a Spy might do things?

All leaders, whether at the Corporate C-Suite, US Government Senior Executive Service, Senior Military, or Small Business start-up level, can benefit from seasoned independent counsel—a competent partner with whom they can brainstorm and in whom they can confide.

The 2020 global climate is more complex, challenging and confusing than ever before. Leaders must thoughtfully consider how to apply existing resources and skills to new realities. To remain competitive, profitable and successful, teams must adapt quickly to change, and develop tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to confidently and competently navigate disruptive change.

For consideration: I volunteered to serve 90 days in Afghanistan and deployed for two years in the early stages of combat soon after 9/11. Upon arrival, I was assigned as Chief of a critical Forward Operating Base (FOB) on the eastern border with Pakistan. I had zero military experience, but was selected to lead a highly diverse team of hundreds of US and Afghan soldiers and civilians. We were at the epicenter of the war against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and also had to guard against armed local insurgents, a serious insider threat from members of my own team, and more than one assassination attempt. I was heavily armed with weapons, but did not feel armed to lead this mission. My team and I persevered and fulfilled our mission with success and honor, because we remained focused on camaraderie, flexibility, integrity, learning, mission, trust and values.

I’m ready and willing to advise and assist you and your team in the following areas and beyond:

  • Leadership Challenges​
  • Talent and Leadership Assessment & Selection
  • Team Alignment
  • Identifying and Addressing Corporate Culture Challenges
  • Shifting Paradigms—Dealing with Change
  • Ethics and Values—Doing Well By Doing Good
  • Start | Stop | Continue—TTPs that Enhance Productivity
  • Insider Threat Awareness and Countermeasures
  • ​Working the World—Being Globally Prepared
  • Devising and Implementing Safe Travel Procedures
  • Corporate/Team/Family Needs Evaluations and Assessments