Customized Courses

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Customized Courses

What comes to mind when you think “training”?
Mandatory? Mundane? Mutiny? Money?

Instead, how about?...“That was the best workshop ever and worth every penny!"

Why should you choose The KEL Institute? Because our Customized Courses are unlike any you've experienced before—experiential, dynamic, full of “A-Ha” moments and fun spy stuff!

My passion for learning and educating peaked during my two years in Afghanistan and while teaching at “The Farm,” CIA’s premier training facility. After the CIA, I began teaching and advising teams and leaders around the world. I launched The KEL Institute to provide unique education derived from lessons I learned while adapting every 2-3 years to constantly shifting global locations, cultures, work environments, teams and leadership paradigms. All seminars are centered on Knowledge, Engagement & Living (KEL).

Training is essential to develop and build teams and leaders, but can pose a challenge when budget and mission constraints loom. Instead of spending your money on training that produces NO lasting results, work with us. We follow up to assure that your training dollars and people hours were well spent. Courses are customized to meet strategic client priorities, e.g., leveraging the contribution of your people; enhancing employee engagement; aligning leaders and team members with mission objectives and values; generating realistic goals and vision; boosting camaraderie, etc. Team members who engage actively in our programs will return to your organization as more efficient, effective and engaged employees and leaders.

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Sample KEL Institue Offerings

The KEL Institute provides the following, and more, high-impact Customized Courses. Kenny is a powerful presenter and also addresses these topics in keynote speeches. Every offering is customizable in content & length based on client requirements, and can be combined with personnel assessments, coaching and/or consulting.

Building and Leading a Winning Team

  • What I Learned from Chasing bin-Laden that You & Your Team Need To Know

    Even terrorists are recruitable; Why Mission & Team Matter; Truth is critical for Trust; You Can Do More than you Imagine; Think, Train, Think!

  • What Matters?

    This seminar focuses on Mindfulness & Conscious Choice. Learn strategies and tactics that, when used, help you focus on What Matters and change you as an individual, team member and leader.

  • Start|Stop|Continue

    Identify factors that inhibit or improve productivity. We assess where you are now and what you need to Start, Stop & Continue to be more efficient, effective and engaged employees and leaders.

  • Doing Well By Doing Good

    Our personal and professional Values Exercise generates significant “A-Ha Awareness” regarding Values-Based Living and the essential nature of Ethics & Integrity in Leadership.

  • What Leaders and Teams Need During Change

    VUCA means Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity. Develop strategies to lead your team to your VUCA Positive: Vision, Understanding, Confidence & Agility.

  • My Planet/Your Planet

    How and why are we different? Practical exercises result in powerful self-discovery, team alignment, camaraderie and cohesion. DiSC™ Assessments & Global Mindset tools are utilized if applicable.

  • Competent Communication

    An active workshop centered on Engagement, Empathetic Listening and ways to “Find the Words” to communicate with clarity and compassion, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Intelligence Agency Techniques for Business Operations and Strategies

  • Spy Skills for Successful Leadership: How to Read, Motivate and Influence Others

    Spies must read people accurately to conduct successful operations. Leaders learn unique skills to read, motivate & influence people.

  • Intro to Intelligence & the Correlation to Business Ops

    This seminar provides a basic overview of Intelligence Techniques, including HUMINT, the parallels with Business Ops, and includes significant Q&A time.

  • The HUMINT Recruitment Cycle

    Learn how spies are identified, developed and recruited, and how these techniques can be utilized in Business Operations, to include Sales, Marketing, Partner Development, etc.

  • Rapport and WIIFM

    “How To” Spy Tradecraft practical exercises. Build solid relationships grounded in Rapport with customers, buyers & and partners based on motivations, vulnerabilities & WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?).

  • Assessments Not Assumptions

    Learn how Intelligence Collection Techniques & Analysis can be applied in business decisions & actions, specifically Product Development, Market Analysis, & Competitive Advantage.

  • Drink The Tea!

    Why are cultural distinctions between you and your clients critical to operational success? Learn why it’s important to relax, drink the tea, show cultural respect & build rapport before you get down to business.

  • Travel Safety, Situational Awareness & Risk Mitigation

    Develop travel security awareness and risk mitigation techniques. Optional surveillance detection training with CIA-qualified role players available in some instances.