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Kenny Leahman
Kenny Leahman
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Values-based Living and

I partner with individuals and teams to achieve high-performance and high-impact in work and life. As a coach, educator and consultant, I strive to change lives. My passion is derived from serving my country for 24-years undercover in the CIA, travel to over 75 countries, all 50 US States, living abroad for 18 years, and adapting every 2-3 years to constantly shifting global locations, cultures, work environments, teams and leadership paradigms. I focus on Values-Based Living and Leadership with individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations...

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What is Coaching? Is it Right For You? Your Team? Your Organization?

Coaching offers a supportive environment for clients to explore what they want in life and work, and to devise a plan to make, meet and maintain goals...

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When & Why to consider Consulting? Need a Partner, Advisor, Confidant, Subject Matter Expert?

Consulting and Coaching are very different; potentially powerful when combined. As a Consultant, I offer unique work-life experience and expertise to identify challenges, address change, and...

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Seminars, Workshops, Webinars and Keynotes that make a difference and have serious impact!

High-impact Educational Experiences from The KEL Institute based on client requirements. Flexible content, length and class-size, with options to incorporate personnel assessments, coaching and/or consulting...

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Client Comments

We were one of Kenny's first clients after he left his government agency role and he continues to provide us with his uniquely qualified personal, relational and organizational evaluation and coaching. Over that time, Kenny has become a true confidant for us in addition to his coaching role. We have recommended Kenny to a number of our personal and business friends and they, too, now hold Kenny in the highest regard because of his service to them. In addition to his unique perspective and skills, Kenny is a man of the highest character and integrity. It has been an honor to be his client and friend.

— Jeff Goble

CEO, Access Scientific

To say that Kenny is the consummate coach is an understatement.  He is simply a phenomenal human being, one who's ability to motivate others and provide for them the space in which they truly discover and fulfill their potential is unmatched.  His gift of intuition is unparalleled, his measure of patience, compassion, and understanding is second to none, and his ability to balance this with discipline and accountability makes him all the more unique among a rare breed of truly gifted coaches.  If you want to maximize every bit of the potential that exists within you, then Kenny is the perfect choice.  He truly is the compass in your pocket helping to guide you on your journey, wherever it may lead.  

— Joe LaDuke

M.Ed. at LaDuke Coaching

If you get lucky enough that Kenny picks you as a client, take the leap.  Kenny is not a coach, he is not a consultant, he is a guide walking side by side with you, helping bring out the right version of yourself to properly navigate everything that comes along your path, from the most challenging circumstances to the really big wins.  At least that’s been my experience.  You can find a lot of coaches, but there’s only one Kenny.

— Kevin Dormer

Founder/CEO, Amplifyy

Kenny is a world-class coach and consultant with intuition as a sixth-sense.  If you want to achieve lofty goals, eliminate pervasive and potentially derailing behaviors, and become the best you...Kenny will deliver!  I would highly recommend him as an executive leader, coach, consultant and friend.

— Sherry J. Duda

President, Alex Reidy & Company; Organization Development Network Board of Directors

Kenny's coaching is a priceless gift.  His unique EQ, intellect, career experience and refusal to let me stay in boxes which had confined my purpose and destiny allowed me to break out to live life fully and on course with my designed purpose.  I highly recommend Kenny as a coach and facilitator.

— Barbara Rohrer

JD, SPHR, President at Lion Legal PLLC/Rohrer Success Advisors LLC

Kenny is an intuitive, empathetic listener and consummate professional with a gift for getting right to the issues that are holding you back. He has made a huge difference in my confidence as a leader & CEO.  I have never worked with a more skillful facilitator.  He is able to push people out of their comfort zones without the drama that often accompanies change.  Kenny has helped my team move forward and to have more fun at work.  If you are serious about results, Kenny is your man.

— Dr. Rick Rios

CEO, Rios Dentistry

Kenny provides travel security and situational awareness consulting to our family. His gift to teach and counsel empowers travelers and those who love and care about them! The material he provides, and his method of identifying the risks involved in traveling instills confidence rather than inciting fear. Working with him has given us superb clarity, including what to do in specific “what if” scenarios, and enabled us to pursue experiences and adventures we might otherwise have avoided and missed.  Kenny cares deeply about people—to help them one at a time, in small groups, governmental agencies or organizations. We especially admire his open heart and integrity, and love his sense of humor. His commitment to being our contact, support and source of wisdom is invaluable. 

— LuAnn & Michael Roberson Family

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Kenny’s Blog

Issues That Matter & Deserve Your Attention!

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How’s Your 2020 Vision?

Thu, 20 Feb 2020

In my blog, I share unique perspectives and techniques that can give you greater clarity & focus and result in sustainable change. To begin, How clear and resolved are you in your 2020 Vision?...

Are you focused and centered on What Matters?

Are you focused and centered on What Matters?

Thu, 20 Feb 2020

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